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EcoPest Services, LLC.
6400 Main St. Suite C
Grandview, MO 64030

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EcoPest Services, LLC.
6400 Main St. Suite C
Grandview, MO 64030

Kansas City Pest Control Tip

lllDirt-filled porches provide a haven for termites to thrive. The main contributing factor being food (wood scraps and tree stumps). An analysis of data from Overland Park, KS collected on over 300 termite-infested homes by this author was an eye opener. The homes studied had basement foundations with visible access to the sill boxes benind the dirt-filled porches. Results showed that 80 % of the termites detected originated from within the porch, 10 % were detected inside and/or outside of the garage and the remaining 10 % came from the remaining parts of the structure. What does this mean to a home owner? If the sill boxes benind the porch are not accessible for inspection, then the odds of a truly clean report are stacked against you, the home owner. Your termite inspector can make some recommendations that may include, but not limited to, the installation of termite monitors around the structure.

Esau Formusoh, Ph.D-Entomologist.

Call Now: 816-763-1818


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Brief Overview

Established in 1998, EcoPest Services, LLC is owned and operated by a K-State trained Entomologist with over twenty years of industry experience. Out of our Grandview location, we service the Greater Kansas City area. Our focus is to target the pest(s) and spare the environment. Safety to humans and pets is our priority. We don't do everything, we just do what we are very good at: termite, insect, spider, and rodent control in and around residential and commercial structures.

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Why Choose EcoPest Services?

Expertise: EcoPest is headed by a twenty-year veteran entomologist with expertise on insect, spider, termite and rodent control. On several occasions, initial visits for pest assessment and/or treatment are completed by the staff entomologist.

Eco-friendly: A sound knowledge of the enemy (pest) is key. Armed with this knowledge, we can manipulate those aspects of the environment that have adverse effects on the pest; without relying heavily on pesticide use. When chemical use is warranted, we focus on the use of chemicals that pose the least impact on the environment.

A Customized Service plan: Every home or business is different. Following a thorough inspection of the property, and in consultation with the client, a customized pest management plan is developed, implemented, and routinely evaluated to make sure it meets the needs of the client.