Ants are social insects that live in colonies. This team work has made them very resilient and successful. With Spring here, it’s time to prepare for them.
But why are they so hard to get rid of?
1.Some ant species have multiple nest sites and multiple queens. Therefore, an improper identification of the ant species can lead to control failures.
2. Their nest(s) may be located in hard to reach places inside and/or outside the structure.
At any given time, only about 10 % of the colony may be out foraging. The common mistake made by home owners is to spray the foraging workers. This practice leaves behind hundreds, if not thousands, of ants in the nest; ready to re-infest. Ants nesting indoors pose the greatest challenge. Their nest(s) may be hidden in hard to reach places like door and window frames, behind walls, beneath cabinets, beneath slabs, etc.
Ant control can be achieved using liquid, dust and/or bait products. It is important to note that their food preference is based on the needs of the colony. Therefore, a bait that may have worked well at one time, may not be as effective at a different time. As a result, it’s important to try different bait types to see what works.

– Esau Formusoh, Ph.D. – Entomologist